Nailed It

I love Pinterest- I love pinning new ideas, getting inspired, learning and sharing.  Unfortunately, I could be under the “nailed it” category.  Have you ever seen those?  I was audibly laughing after looking at them. 

Here are a few of my favorites

Nailed It #nailedit #fail #epicfail #craftfail #humor #funny #pinterest

I see so many pins of fingernails.  For starters- who has that much time to spend on their nails?  I am not patient enough to do any of them, and I have small children- not an option.  But…even if I did have time and the children were not home- I’m fairly confident this is what my nails would look like (the second image…not the first). 

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I have been tempted to try those super cute creations/balls/lanterns/decorations- so many uses- but again, I would be the second one.  Maybe it’s that whole patience thing…not enough time to let it dry…I’m sure I could google the problem….

funny, funny photos, nailed it!

My last one (for this post)- I see so many creative edible creations, and am tempted to try them- then I see pictures like this and realize- yeah I’ll stick with my chocolate chip cookies- I can rock those

Nailed it! For more funny meme pics and hilarious jokes visit

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