I get asked about Swagbucks (SB) a lot- I made enough money last year to cover almost all Christmas gifts because of swagbucks!

First step- do you have a smartphone or tablet?  Download SwagbucksTv, log in, hit play.  It automatically plays all day and you earn 50 swagbucks.  Now 50 swagbucks is only $.50 cents- but do this every day and you just earned $182.50 for the year with very little effort. 

I try to cash in for $5 Amazon gift cards- since they are only 450 SB each- you are capped out at 2 per day up to 5 per calendar month- so redeem those strategically. 
I start Christmas shopping early- and use either ebates, shop at home, or swagbucks for points/cash back whenever I shop online.  I buy almost everything online.  Compare across the sites for the best points/cash deal and it pays off.  We made a few big purchases throughout the year and ended up getting around 10% back through either ebates or SB- which then went right into the Christmas and other various gifts category. 

The last category I use most often is coupons through swagbucks.  Each coupon redeemed gets you 10 SB!

If you are new to SB- it can be annoying at first- a lot of failed surveys, tasks that don’t pay much, etc.

I focus on those three areas- SBTV on a mobile device, shopping rewards and coupons.  It’s a pretty easy way to get at least $200 in extra gift money.  I also answer the daily poll and NOSO (links to these are on the left side of the home page and take less than a minute.  They earn you an extra 3SB per day)

If you are new to SB- feel free to use my link to sign up swagbucks.com/refer/rhazelwood– right now you will earn 10% when any referrals earn through shop, search, watch, play, discover and answer. 





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