I make money taking surveys- it’s fairly easy- sometimes it’s annoying and time consuming- but I usually do it while I’m watching a movie or TV so I don’t mind. 

The first survey site I used was IPoll.  In the last year, I have made $390 with them.  I have also received laundry detergent, diapers and wipes to test out for companies. 

Pro’s- easy to see what surveys are available and choose ones based on payout and length.  I usually only pick ones that pay at least $1 for every 10 minutes.  GoGutCheckIt runs a lot of focus groups through IPoll and usually pay pretty well and I think it’s interesting to work directly with various companies to find out what they are trying to accomplish.

Con’s- customer service is terrible- I will have to email multiple times before maybe getting a response.  It also takes a long time for companies to verify your survey results and credit your account.  I wait until I hit $50 to just use paypal (there’s a $3 fee) and usually have completed enough surveys to have $80 pending before $50 has processed.  After you request your payout, it takes about a month- so it’s not great if you need money quickly- but I like to check it a few times a week to see if any high paying surveys are available. 

You probably won’t qualify for many surveys- a ton of them screen out- but again, since I’m doing it while watching TV, it doesn’t really matter to me. 


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