I love reading
Growing up, my dad taught me that I should never trust a person who didn’t read. My mom took me to the library every saturday and I usually ended up with more books than I could carry. People who don’t read are confusing to me…how can you not love a good story?
I love to look at the daily free kindle books (I’m a big fan of to see if there’s anything good or at least looks semi interesting. I have found some great reads and also some terrible stories. Unfortunately, once I start a bad book, I am invested, and I have to read through the last page just in case it redeems itself. Fortunately, I am a quick reader.
Tonight, I was looking at the free kindle books for today and I’m so confused by theme….”contemporary cowboy romance”?? and most of them seem to be of the “romance” genre. I was looking for light and fun fiction…with no mostly (or fully) naked bodies on the cover. Apparently non trashy books are not free today.

Wah wah

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