Thred Up and Twice

So I have been trying to do a better job researching where the clothing I buy comes from. More specifically, making sure that it comes from somewhere where the workers are treated well.
Spoiler alert- it’s difficult to find out this information. There aren’t a lot of facts, mostly company statements then public speculation. I have read arguments for and against sweatshops and just ended up with more questions and more frustration.
I won’t give up, but I also need to provide clothing for my family- small children grow very quickly!
I looked at buying all american made clothing, but honestly, it’s difficult to find specialty items because there are less people who have the skills to complete difficult items. I also want to use my money to bless those in need, I don’t want it to be a case of the blessed blessing the blessed. Let’s be serious- I am blessed. I have food, shelter, clothing and community. I am blessed.
Enough rambling. As I continue on my search for quality items from quality companies who take care of their employees, I am buying used items.
My favorite sites are thred up and twice.
As the girls grow out of clothing and as I realize how much clothing I have that I don’t wear- I send thredup my clothing and they give me cash. It’s like plato’s closet, but without judgey girls looking at me like they are way too cool to talk to me.
I had a $15 credit from referring someone (you get $10 each time you refer a new person who makes a purchase- they get $10 too!)- so I used to buy a pair of snowpants and a vest for my 3 year old for this winter- it ended up costing me $1.52 shipped.

I would recommend using them!! Here’s my link (so we both get $10!)

Twice is the same idea- but just women’s clothing- they currently have 40% off your first order, free returns within 30 days, $20 referral credit and when I signed up, you got another $20 for downloading the app on a smartphone or tablet! I got a lot of free clothing and was really impressed with the quality! (again, this is my referral link if you want to check it out)

you get $10 whenever someone signs up and another $10 after their first purchase. So awesome!

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