This app is fantastic
I don’t get invites to do surveys very often- usually just a couple a year- but when I do- they pay really well and are extremely easy.

Usually they are looking for people who are planning on purchasing specific types of items in the next couple weeks. I did one where they wanted to know about my home depot shopping. Luckily, we (steve) we planning on building bunk beds for the girls, so most of the materials were free after the $50 reward for submitting my receipts and a picture of the bunk bed.

The last time, they were looking for someone who was going to buy shampoo, condition, diapers, laundry detergent, or dish washer detergent in the next 2 weeks. They paid me $15 to buy some shampoo.

I like shopalong because they transfer money through paypal the day after the assignment is completed, no long waiting period or extra steps.

Their customer service is also fantastic- one of my receipts was processed incorrectly and within 24 hours someone got back to me and answered all my questions- no automated responses or statements that had nothing to do with my questions.

I don’t think they provide any sort of referral bonus- but here’s a link to check them out! Their app is extremely user friendly!

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