Free Clothing

Lately I have been making lots of purchases from online used clothing sites.
My favorite two for kids are schoola and thred up. I send in old clothing (kids and adult), get cash or store credits, and then buy new clothing for the girls. It’s kind of like platos closet but you don’t leave feeling judged for your used clothing.

Both sites offer free store credits for signing up that can be used towards your first purchase, so you literally get free clothing the first time you place an order. They consistently offer 5discounts for new customers and free shipping too! We just got a rapunzel dress in new condition for free from schoola with the credit!

I also use Twice for clothing for me- they offer a credit for signing up AND an additional credit for downloading the app on a tablet or cell phone (or both).


$15 credit for signing up to be used off your first purchase. The credit doesn’t show up until you put at least $15 worth of stuff in your cart and progress to the checkout page.

Thred Up-

$10 credit for signing up


$10 credit for signing up
$10 credit for sending in some clothing
$10 credit for downloading the app (I got $20 for downloading it to my phone and ipad)
earn an extra 25% for selling them your clothing and taking store credit instead of cash
40% off your first order (they email you a link with a coupon code for signing up)

These links are my affiliate links- another reason I love them- someone else gets free clothing and I get free clothing!

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