Sephora, the body shop and swagbucks!

So swagbucks/trial pay currently has a deal where you spend $20 at a sephora and/or the body shop (in store, not online and it has to be an actual sephora store, not a jc penney) and you will get 1500 swagbucks for each. This is enough for $15 in gift cards and for me it credited immediately!

If you aren’t a member of swagbucks- here’s a link to sign up-

The offer is normally on your homepage, but if you don’t see it there, here’s what you need to do
1- click discover (up at the top) then special offers
2- choose the trial pay tab on the next page
3- sorted by ‘most popular”- it should be one of the top choices

you have to enter the card number you are going to use to pay and your email address and bam- you get $20 for $5 after taking into account the gift card!

I have redeemed a couple offers like this- one time trial pay didn’t credit immediately so I shot them an email and they just asked for a photo of the receipt and credited it within 24 hours

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