Mommy Knows Surveys- my favorite survey site

So I actually enjoy doing surveys in my spare time. When my small people are playing nicely, or I’m watching a show, I can usually make a few dollars here and there.

Mommy Knows Surveys seems to be a newer survey site and they pay better than most of the other sites I am a part of. It takes longer to get credit for the surveys (2-6 weeks) and then about a week to get money after requesting funds but I consistently make $5-$10 a day and have already been able to join some focus groups and panels that pay really well just from this site.

Here’s the link to join (affiliate link)

This is from their site-
Every time you complete a survey we pay you 35% of the revenue.
Every time your friends complete a survey we pay you 10% of the revenue

They also have fantastic customer service- I had a question about one of my payouts and they got back to me so quickly and were extremely helpful.

Currently there are only two ways to get a payout- paypal or magazine subscriptions. I have only used paypal- but there’s no additional fee, you just need to have $20. I request a payout every other week for paypal and it has been really easy.

Check them out!

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