cash back sites

I just got another $20 from mommmy knows surveys this morning! I did a 10 minute travel survey that paid $15- worth it!

We also just got some pull ups to test out- I love free stuff 🙂

I also love shopping online. It’s so much more convenient, especially with small children. I take advantage of cashback sites every time.

How do they work? You go to your favorite cashback site, search for the site you are going to shop with, and then shop through their link for the items. Normally I will find what I want from the shopping site, leave it in my cart- then compare the cashback sites and use their link at that point in time since the items are already in my cart.

Here are my three favorites
ebates sends you a “big fat check” every three months with your cashback earnings

you get $10 just for using it the first time- win win situation. It normally takes about a month to credit, but you can get the payout as direct deposit, paypal or amazon. If you choose amazon you get an extra 2.5% added to the amount!

You get swagbucks for each purchase- every 100 swagbucks is about $1
It takes 30 days to post, then you can redeem for gift cards

I use top cash back the most- they usually offer the highest percent back at sites I use.
If I’m using amazon and it’s not a category to get cashback- I use to support Raincatchers (the best organization ever)

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