Survey goals

I cashed out $35 for opinion outpost this afteroon and it’s already transferred to paypal. They don’t always pay the highest amount and you fail out of a lot of surveys- but I love getting paid instantly for surveys.
This year our family goal is to pay off our last credit card- so I love the survey sites that let me use paypal- I transfer the money there and then apply it straight to the credit card.

I track how much I’m making from various survey sites and what our monthly random expenses will be- such as birthdays, fun outings we want to do, etc and use those goals as motivation each day. This month we needed to buy a baby swing and bouncer and were able to pick up both of them already.

I usually do surveys over naptime and while the girls are chasing chickens (not a joke- they spend a decent amount of time doing that).

I got my amazon gift cards from swagbucks today! $35 amazon gift card for spending $40 at sephora and the body shop.

Opinion Outpost-


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