product testing

I get products to test every month or so from various sites-
influenster is probably my favorite.
They send me boxes of stuff to test quarterly. So far I have gotten a thermometer, chocolate and a huge box of makeup. It’s free to join, and requires no upkeep- they just email you when they have something to send you.

smiley360 is another site where i’ve gotten products to test out, so far I’ve tested candy and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Pink Panel (
this site is for products for women and usually I don’t qualify for cool new makeup and beauty products, but I finally just qualified to test two new products and they should arrive next week!

pinecone research is the last site where I get the most products to test- they are one of the top rated survey companies and I get a new product every other month or so to test with them.

I love testing new products!

– this post contains affiliate links-

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