$25 from Ipoll, $5 from swagbucks and twirly dresses!

Ipoll finally processed enough for me to claim at $25 amazon gift card! Seriously, they are so slow but I am able to request at least $50 a month from them, so after the delay when you first start using them, it’s not too bad.

I also just requested my last $5 amazon gift card from Swagbucks. I get $50 a month in amazon gift cards (between my account and Steve’s) from swagbucks just by letting the swagbucks tv app run on the Ipad and Iphone overnight every night. The amazon gift cards are discounted (up to 5 gift cards a month) compared to the price of the other gift cards, so every month I make sure to max those out.

Here’s a link to sign up for swagbucks (affiliate link)

Also- we love hanna andersson dresses in this house- and these adorable dresses are on sale for $24 today down from $44

Remember to check ebates, topcashback and swagbucks to get cash back on all your purchases!! Top cash back has 5% back at hanna andersson today and you get an extra $10 just for signing up


top cash back-


-this post contains affiliate links

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