So I chased goats…

We moved to a house in the mountains and it already had a chicken coop, so last fall we bought chickens. we pay about $15 every 6 weeks to feed them and get 4-5 eggs a day. It’s glorious. They wander around our acre and if you walk outside, they will follow you. I hope I never stop laughing about chickens chasing me when I walk outside.

To continue down the homesteading path, I learned how to bake bread. So now I gather eggs every day and bake bread several times a week.

We had been buying organic milk, and I looked at Steve one night and said- “do you know how much money we would save if we just got goats??” without hesitating, he said “no”. I proposed the idea to my ever supportive brother who responded with “goats are assholes”

We now have two pregnant goats. They have been super easy so far…but yesterday they got out.
I was walking into their pen to get them water. As I was unlatching the door, a neighbor drove by and being neighborly, we waved at each other. In the 15 seconds it took me to wave, minnie (our more stubborn goat) ran out the door. As I turned to look at her, daisy (the sweeter goat) ran out behind me. Rookie move. As I turned to look at her…4 chickens ran INTO the goat pen. I stood there contemplating whether I should laugh or cry…and busted out laughing, this was real life and I was actually about to go chase a goat. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Luckily animals seem to love me and in a few minutes, the goats were back in their little pen but now that they have had a taste of freedom, they seem pretty eager to go on another walkabout.

So there you have it- we are officially homesteaders with chickens, goats and homemade bread. Stay tuned for when I first try to milk a goat. I am already laughing envisioning it.

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