Christmas Countdown

Okay- 105 days until Christmas, and I like to have all my Christmas shopping done by December 1st- so for me, 82 days.

Ipoll takes a crazy long time to credit surveys- so as of October, I don’t count on anything from them to use for Christmas

Opinion Outpost- still a great survey site, but I have maxed out the amount you can make in a year before needing to file extra tax forms

My main sites for Christmas money are Mommy knows surveys, pinecone research and springboard america

Pinecone is an amazing site- they only take people periodically and are always looking for specific demographics.  They pay $3 per survey and also send out lots of products to sample. You never get disqualified, so you don’t waste your time!

Springboard america- They pay really well too- they send you an email whenever they have something that matches your profile and after each survey you have a chance to win an extra $1.  You can only cash out once you have earned $50- which takes me about 2 months.

Opinion Outpost pays out the fastest- once you earn $10- you can transfer it immediately to paypal and with only $5 you can get an amazon gift card

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