Shop your Way Rewards

Okay- so to start off- I’m not a huge fan of sears and kmart. I have placed multiple orders with them that are cancelled, and I’m never contacted.  Their customer support is mostly unhelpful, and employees seem disengaged.  That’s the bad news.  The good news- they keep giving people money to shop at their stores.  I have already finished Christmas shopping for Eden and Kaia thanks to shop your way rewards.  Last week I got 2 “$20 off $20 purchase” coupons.  The girls each got a $25 duplo set that only cost me  $10 total out of pocket.  Worth it.  Also- don’t tell them they are getting duplos for Christmas 🙂

Seriously people- they give you free money.  I will go months and only get coupons for $10 off a $150 purchase.  But- several times a year I get awesome ones.  So here’s how you sign up (it doesn’t cost anything, it’s not tricky, and it will get you free money).  According to their ad- you get $10 for signing up off a purchase of $30.  Make sure you read the details of the coupon- usually clearance stuff is eligible- so I consistently get shoes on clearance for the girls.  Food and beauty are normally excluded.

So step 1- sign up

Shop your way!

Step 2- wait for awesome coupons to get christmas/birthday/anytime gifts for free.

In other news in the hazelhome- we got chickens yesterday! FINALLY! One of them is currently walking back and forth in front of our door- she wants to come inside.

We got ducks a few weeks ago.  They now live at the pond down the street. They are tricky to catch, so that might just be their new home.

Also there’s a black bear who looks about 1 or 2 years old who lives in the forest by our house.  He/she decided to climb on our grill last week.  Life is crazy.

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