Bears, Chickens and Dogs

This is a crazy long story about chickens, bears and dogs. I give no apology.

So we got chickens last night, because I can’t deal with grocery store eggs after having consistent fresh eggs. Today, I chased away that baby-ish bear THREE TIMES. If someone had told me that my adult life would ever include banging pots and pans together to get a bear to go away…I would’ve laughed in that person’s face.

After chasing away the bear twice- which was basically me standing in the yard yelling “go!!” while banging loud pans together…I went inside to make lunch for my small people. Then about 20 minutes later I went back outside, because I heard a chicken laying an egg in the bushes (they sing a little song when they lay).

Our coop is up right next to the house- I was thinking the chickens would be safer there, than, say, right next to the woods. I go around the house after getting the chicken and almost scream, because that “baby” bear was IN MY COOP. So again with the shouting and the pan banging (I kept the pots and pans on the porch, because…who doesn’t?) The bear hopped out of the coop and climbed the fence and then sat down and looked at me. He was basically my old german shepherd. He would drop his head, walk away…and then try to go around where I “couldn’t see him”. Because bears are hard to see in the middle of a yard. At least that was my interpretation of his actions. In retrospect the entire thing is pretty hilarious.

So like a crazy person I was scanning my yard about every 3 minutes. Then our sweet neighbor dog came by to say hi. We went outside to pet her, but in the 2 minutes it took us to get off the couch- she managed to grab a chicken and take off.

Seriously. A bear didn’t kill a chicken, even though he/she (I keep referring to the bear as “he”- but lets be serious- I have no idea) was in the coop in the fence with the chickens and watching them most of the day. But a small dog in 2 minutes grabbed one. The chicken is fine- just scared- she took it home to show off to her family.

Also- no we don’t keep our trash outside. Yes I get that “the bears were here first”. I understand that keeping chickens is a risk in “bear country”.

Oh my gosh this is my life.

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