Lions? no. Tigers? no. Bears? OH MY!

Well, the bears came back.  Honestly- with the coop right next to my window- I didn’t think they would go for it.  I was wrong. Oh so wrong.  The bears came back.  Mama bear knocked over our coop without making a sound.  After that, she very carefully tore off the roof- again, almost silently.  It’s amazing how intentional bears are.  I heard a story about a bear who would grab a bird feeder carefully off the hook, gently remove the lid, dump out the bird seed, then sit there happily enjoying a snack.  But back to my bears- so I heard the chickens make a bit of noise.  Not a lot- because they were asleep and confused, but I’m a light sleeper so I jump out of bed. Steve and I sat at the window for a few minutes with a flashlight, trying to confirm what was happening.  Well, that’s kind of what happened.  I was shouting “STEVE STEVE STEVE STEVE”- and he was sleeping.  So when he wakes up- completely confused about why I am out of bed and shouting, he is trying to process me shouting and also attempting to keep me from just running outside with a flashlight and a pan…because…2 am and BEARS. As he is “confirming that there are actually bears”- you know, as we are staring at our coop missing a roof…finally he agrees to go chase them off with me, mostly because he knew I was about to run outside, so he might as well provide backup.  So we go outside onto the porch and take a minute to look around and see what’s going on.  We quickly realized that we could see or hear SIX BEARS.  SIX. At this point, 4 of them are up in trees next to our porch calling quite loudly to mama bear, who is currently chasing a chicken.  We can see another down our yard a little bit, and hear a 6th in the same area. We just watch them for a few minutes, trying to wake up enough to determine what is happening right now. I freak out that we need to save the chickens so Steve throws a stick at mama bear while he grabs chickens and hands them to me to store in the garage.  After the chickens were gone, mama bear eventually retreats into the woods.  Then two tiny cubs climb down a tree and run after her.  The two further down the yard also run away, leaving one bear right by our porch loudly crying out.  Finally he/she climbs down and takes off into the woods.  Steve and I just stand there.  What. Just. Happened?

Now we have fantastic electric fencing up and the bears were kind enough to test it out last night.  The fence won.  Hurray!

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