Homemade Salsa

It’s a gorgeous fall day and I decided I needed some fresh salsa.  I have never made salsa before, but really, how hard could it be?

It was insanely easy.  I will never buy premade salsa again, seriously people, if you have a food processor it takes about 3 minutes to prep.  I had a huge can of crushed tomatoes from Costco- so I threw half the can in the pot, a can of tomato sauce (I’m sure fresh tomatoes would be so much better but I used what I had).  I threw a green pepper, jalapeno pepper, a little onion and 4 garlic cloves into the food processor. That chopped everything- so the pepper/ onion mix and tomatoes went into a giant pot for 15 minutes on medium low.  I added some salt and tested consistently- just to make sure it was okay.

Go make this right now.  You need tomatoes, a green pepper, a jalapeno pepper, an onion, garlic and some salt.  You can do it, I promise!

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