Apparently this is about homeschooling and socialization.

I am now rereading Jen Hatmaker’s book Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity
  Be ready for a ton of quotes from her in the next week.  If you are a Christian… If you know a Christian…if you have heard of Christianity…it’s awesome.  Seriously.  Her story is about leaving the stereotypical church in search of something else.  She also talks about kids, and being brave.

I love this quote from Interrupted, “I don’t want my kids safe and comfortable. I want them BRAVE. I don’t want to teach them to see danger under every rock, avoiding anything hard or not guaranteed or risky. They are going to encounter a very broken world soon, and if they aren’t prepared to wade into difficult territory and contend for the kingdom against obstacles and tragedies and hardships, they are going to be terrible disciples.
I don’t want to be the reason my kids choose safety over courage. I hope I never hear them say, “Mom will freak out,” or “My parents will never agree to this.” May my fear not bind their purpose here. Scared moms raise scared kids. Brave moms raise brave kids. Real disciples raise real disciples.”

We are choosing to homeschool our children, well, at least that’s the plan for now.  A lot of people choose to homeschool because they are scared of what public school might “do” to their kids.  They are scared that someone might teach their children something they don’t agree with.

I’m not scared of public school, private school or charter school.  I feel bad for so many wonderful teachers I know who always want to do more for their students and feel like they can’t because of all sorts of reasons. I am not anti school, anti teacher, anti government or anti common core.

I am choosing to homeschool because I think I can do a better job teaching with a much smaller class size.  I can teach to each student’s individual desires and needs.  I feel that this will create kids that can turn around and be brave too.  I refuse to make decisions based on fear.  I will be wise, I will think through options, I will pause before acting.  I won’t let fear make choices for me.  More often than not, my fear leaves me paralyzed and I don’t want to be stuck in a place because I’m too scared to take a step forward.

I have already been asked about socialization.  I have a lot of thoughts on that.  I’m not sure how school actually fosters a positive social environment.  I remember a lot of kids getting yelled at for socializing during class. I remember kids getting moved to opposite sides of the room because they were socializing.  I remember only having 6 minutes between classes in middle and high school to “socialize” without consequences, and most of that time was spent swapping books, going to the bathroom and running to class.  So to me, the idea that school is a place where “socializing” happens, that seems odd to me.

In addition to that, we interact with people constantly.  From extended family, to grocery stores, to parks, children’s museums and dance classes, there are people everywhere- I make sure to give the girls a few days of time at home to have some down time after all the social outings.

I intended to write about Jen Hatmaker changing my life with her book Interrupted, and that will have to wait for another day.  As I wrote, this came out, so that’s apparently what my heart wanted to say 🙂  Be brave, don’t let fear keep you from moving forward, you are awesome.

One thought on “Apparently this is about homeschooling and socialization.

  1. I love this! We homeschool also and all too often get the “you can’t protect your children forever” or “what about socialization?” These things are really the least of my worries as I bring my children up in an environment enriched to help them succeed with God and in life. Thanks for the great post!

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