Food Fights

Okay, does anyone else get stressed out at the grocery store? I’m trying to do a better job making intentional choices with each dollar.  I want to make every dollar I spend say something about what’s important to me…but then I go grocery shopping. I can’t get everything I want locally, I’m pretty sure bananas never grow here…and I don’t have time to check out 15 farms and attempt to buy straight from the farmer.  I shop at the farmers market, but I’m not ready to only live off seasonal produce and learn how to can stuff.  I also am terrible at growing things.  Now that I basically live in a jungle compared to 9000 feet in Colorado, I will try to grow my own produce this summer, but that’s not currently an option.  So all that aside, this is what happens when I go into the grocery store…

Okay, I need bread, wait, gluten is really bad for you.  Actually, I think it’s the amount of gluten. Or are some people are just gluten sensitive? Wait, no, the study on gluten tolerance was discredited and it seems to be mostly psychosomatic.  So maybe I’ll just get the bread.

Look at those apples, they look delicious, I should grab a couple. Hold on, are they organic?  I’m pretty sure they are at the top of the list of the “dirty dozen” to always buy organic.  Okay, that organic apple is $6, but if I buy the “regular” apple, that could give me cancer or something.  Maybe this weekend I will go to a farm and pick my own apples, and ask the farmers if they use pesticides.  Do I have time to pick my own apples?  Do I want to pick apples these weekend?  I mean these are right here…Maybe I’ll just get a bag of regular apples, I mean at least they are in season….I’ll probably wash them first…

Bananas- Man I love bananas.  We go through 4 a day in this house, so how many bunches should I grab…okay the organic ones are only like 15 cents more a pound so I’ll grab those.  I read something about how it’s better for the workers to not have to spray pesticides and safer for their families and the soil and the water, and…and something else, I don’t even know.  Oh but where were the bananas grown? Obviously not here…I wonder how long they were in a truck/plane/boat.  That’s bad right?  For the environment I mean.  I think I’m supposed to buy local.  How do you eat bananas if you only eat local?  I’ll just grab a couple bunches.

Ooooh blueberries are on sale! Wait where were they grown? They weren’t picked when they were ripe, how many nutrients did they lose? They are in a plastic container…should I get them if they are contributing to the amount of trash?  Maybe I can recycle the container of the not in season, non organic, not local blueberries.  I think I just read a study that there isn’t a difference between health benefits of organic vs non organic produce.  But then I got an email that Monsanto is trying to secretly poison me and limiting all my information on the real facts of organic growing.  The farmer I like at the farmers market says he supports GMO’s though…

Where are my kids?

Okay I’m low on sugar.  Actually, I think sugar is bad for you.  All sugar.  So I should never eat sugar.  But I really like cake.  I mean, I REALLY like cake.  So maybe I’ll get a small bag.  Oh wait, I think I heard that honey is a healthier substance, something about it being more natural or something. Actually, didn’t I just read an article saying that your body breaks down honey and sugar exactly the same?  I’ll just grab honey AND sugar.  Then I can make two cakes and compare them.

Honey…that makes me think of bees…and aren’t GMO crops killing all the bees?  Is it bad for me to buy non organic apples and also honey?  Is that like an extra slap in the face for the bees? I’m gonna take your honey and also buy the thing that’s killing you?

Chicken, I think I want some chicken this week.  But is it still safe?  I think it’s getting shipped to China for processing before coming back here to eat.  That seems inefficient.  Do I want to support something this inefficient?  I mean seriously, ship the chicken to China to process then back to the US so I can eat it?  Maybe I’ll pass on the chicken.

Wait where are my kids?

Bacon, I love bacon.  This bacon is nitrate free, but I also just saw that bacon is as bad for you as smoking…is it the bacon, or is it the nitrates? Maybe it’s all the sodium.  I really like bacon. But what if this pig was tortured and put in a box without sunlight and fresh air? What if it was fed horrible things and abused?  Am I contributing to the ongoing cycle of animal abuse and bad food?  I’m going to get the bacon.

Kale, now that stuff is straight gross.  But I’ve heard it’s a super food.  Maybe I’ll get a bunch of super foods and put them in the blender and start drinking smoothies in the morning. Nope…that’s not going to happen…I don’t even like apple juice…I’m probably not ever going to drink something with kale in it. Maybe I can get a juicer, and that will help me get all the good stuff out of my fruits and veggies.  HA.  I am not going to do that ever.  Also, I think the pulp is full of fiber and it’s what slows down the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and sugars….But let’s be serious.  None of this matters. I’m not going to make smoothies or use or juicer or eat or drink kale. Moving on.

Where are my kids?

2 thoughts on “Food Fights

  1. Grocery shopping – we have a love-hate relationship. It can be fun to grab ingredients for delicious meals to come, but what to choose??? What’s healthiest in my price range? Can we afford to go with almond milk or just dairy? Fresh veggies or frozen?

  2. Love this post. Totally my life. I also suffer from what my best friend has termed “Grocery Store PTSD” after one particularly harrowing trip with unruly toddlers, followed by my debit card being declined at checkout because hubs and I miscommunicated on where the bonus check was deposited — it was a hell of a day. Five years later…I still feel that blasted trip in my cells everytime I weigh decisions like organic, grass-fed, locally-grown. It’s too much. Peace, sista.

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