Fall Days and Church Struggles

  So this is the view off of our front porch.  I had no idea we could see mountains from our house until this week because the woods are so thick.  
We are finally settling in to a routine here.  We visit the nature center several times a week, as well as parks and libraries.  I miss Denver, but I’m growing fond of Asheville.  We have amazing neighbors, and next year we can join the Asheville homeschool coop.  

We are really struggling right now with churches.  A separate post on that should come in the near future, but I want to be so careful with my words.  We are struggling to decide what kind of church Jesus actually calls for, and if it involves 3 songs, a 38 minute sermon, offering, communion and a closing.  Should church be the whole family or should kids go to children’s church? Is it really personal preference, or it is Biblical? I have so many questions, and I’m taking my time to learn, to read, to pray.  I’m not trying to jump into answers that feel easy or answers that I like.  It’s hard…to sit in the discomfort.  It’s hard to ask questions and really dislike the answers.  I was comfortable in “the church” for so long and now I feel like an outsider.  

But more on that to come soon. 

Spread some love today. 

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