Conversation with a Bear

So, this morning, while sitting at breakfast, Eden looked out the window and said “mommy, I miss our little bear buddy”.  I found myself also missing that little bear….for about a minute.  Then I remembered that no, no I do not miss that bear.  For several weeks- I found myself on our porch staring at a little bear having a very one sided conversation that went something like this.  Also- the little guys mannerisms were really similar to our German Shepherd, which made the whole thing even funnier.

Hey! Yes, I see you…hiding behind the tree

*bear pokes head out from behind the tree and looks at chicken coop (after the first dramatic bear/chicken situation- the chickens were living in our garage)*

No sir, that area is NOT for you

*bear takes a step towards the chicken coop while looking at me like a dog trying to be sneaky*


*bear slides paw under the fence and slowly slides a food scrap towards himself*

Well fine, at least you aren’t eating chickens, but I’m watching you mister.

*bear hops the fence (pre electric fence)*

*I start banging two pots together* GET OUT OF THERE!

*bear hangs head, hops back over the fence and hides behind the tree*

I still see you, you know I see you right?

*bear walks into the woods,…up the hill…and comes right back down “sneaking” behind trees*

You are the worst at being sneaky.  Seriously THE WORST.

This happened almost every day- the little guy (or guys- he had a twin…also, he may have been a she…I have no idea)

Steve was traveling for work and would get multiple calls from me and would hear my one sided rant to little bear.  Here’s some photo proof of the bear.

12052398_645336030890_5311421783172662683_o 12132395_645335946060_407538453780209898_o

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