The most boring post ever because I don’t want to get off the couch

So we are packing.

Well, let me clarify.  I’m thinking about packing.  I’m thinking about potentially getting off the couch to pack.   Facebook is not interesting this morning, so I decided to write to you about my procrastination.

We are heading to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, yay for road trips and family time!

While I’m not packing, I decided I should share some of my favorite things with you.

Sara Bareilles- She wrote the songs for the musical “Waitress”.  I am in love.  I love her and I also love musicals.  This is a wonderful win.

Adele- or as my 2 year old calls her- doll.  My 4 year old has requested “hello” on repeat because, well, it’s amazing.  We watched the music video together and now when she dances to it, she has her hands in her hair in imitation of Adele.  It’s adorable, and also hilarious.

We have also been thoroughly enjoying “cat vs cucumber”.  I don’t know why this is so funny, but oh my gosh I love it so much.

Other things I love this week- Shop your way rewards points.  Sears and Kmart just keep giving me money.  I literally don’t understand it.  I signed up for their shop your way rewards program and every month they just give me about $50 off a $50 purchase.  I bought christmas dresses (pic at the bottom) for my little people and also my little pony zip up fleece pjs with an awesome hood, and it cost me like $3. I also go through Ebates (this is my shameless ebates plug- I get $100 if 3 people sign up, so dude, do it) and they give me cash back for shopping at kmart/sears.  So then I end up making money and have new things.  I also buy just about everything online, because taking small people into stores is entirely too stressful.

Asheville- we have NO snow this week.  I love this oh so much.  My parents kept sending me pictures of their snow.  I keep seeing pictures of Denver snow.  I miss this NOT AT ALL.  You or “y’all” can keep that snow.  All of it.

I think that’s enough procrastinating.  I should pack….

Updated! Christmas dresses are here!! Less packing, more twirling!!!  


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