I bought a goat!

Guys…I bought a goat.

But don’t worry- it’s not for me.  Although I do miss my Colorado goats…

Anyways…my favorite non profit ever- Raincatchers- has a Christmas Wish List.  YOU can BUY A GOAT! I love this idea so much.

There are tons of other ways to help of course, but dude, you can give someone a goat.  Are there better things? I’m not convinced…

Also, I promised that you guys would help out, because that’s the type of people we are.  We give! #sorrynotsorry

Here’s the Christmas list…GIVE A GOAT!

Raincatchers Christmas List (in no particular order)

#1- $10- This gets a bag of charcoal or a charcoal stove for a family

#2- $50- This buys a family a goat.

#3- $50- This buys a family a barrel for water

#4- Any other monetary donations are so helpful. If you missed the previous post about salaries, NO ONE who works with/for Raincatchers makes a penny, ever. 100% of your donation goes directly to Haiti. Right now the trucks are almost done, and we desperately want to get the new vehicles over to Haiti. They have been a dream since we first started and we have been planning and praying, so this is the biggest way for you to help. Also, guys, you get to write it off on your taxes, so everybody wins!

#5- We understand that not everyone can or will give money. We get it. We still love you like crazy. We could also use NEW mens tennis shoes in sizes 8,9 or 10. The guys who lead our teams walk A LOT. They destroy shoes and so a consistent supply of tennis shoes is extremely helpful.

#6- High quality soccer balls. The kids play a lot of soccer on a rocky terrain.

#7- Costco gift cards. We buy a lot of food for trips from Costco, so gift cards help feed the teams of people who go on trips AND all the Haitian team leaders and helpers.

#8- Backpacks. Any and all new backpacks are wonderful gifts.

#9- Come with us! Get a group of friends together and go to Haiti with us. If we haven’t met you, we would love to get to know you. If you have already gone on a trip or two, we probably still like you and would love to see you again! Plan a trip, come with us, change your life.

#10- Pray for trips. Don’t have money, time, stuff? It’s cool. Pray for us. Even if you don’t totally believe in it, I can promise you that we have seen enough miracles and believe enough for the both of us.

#11- Meet a need. Every trip we get notes from families asking for help. They have specific items that they need. We will start sharing those with you guys so we can continue to operate face to face, one family at a time. We don’t do “programs”, those tend to be inherently inefficient. We want to meet the individual needs as they arise and you guys make that possible.

The biggest issue we run into with additional physical gifts are the difficulties that lie in actually getting them to Haiti. We have each bag planned and packed in advance and it costs a lot of money to take extra bags on airplanes. If you want to gift other items, awesome, but bring them yourself when you come with us!

You can check them out on Facebook– or instagram “wecatchrain”

You can mail checks/gifts to


3400 East Coon Lake Road

Howell, MI 48843

Or visit Just Give to donate online

Here’s a stack of letters just from the last couple days


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