My unbiased list of things I think you should do this year

Guys, I love lists.  Seriously, lists keep my life in order.  I will add things I have already done to my list, just so I can cross them off.

So now that we have established the fact that I have a completely healthy relationship with list making, here is my unbiased, fact based list of things that I think (in my expert opinion) all the people should do this year.

  1. Stop reading internet lists of things you need to do to make your life better, more efficient, happier, and so on and so forth.  END OF LIST.

I am a sucker for lists.  I see a list online and I just know that it’s click bait.  I know that it’s not going to change my life.  But still…I have to check…maybe there’s that one thing that will truly be beneficial.  At best, I learn a new way to organize my pantry…at worst, now I feel like I’ve been doing all the things wrong and need to do more, do it better, do it right.  Also I just wasted time, so now I feel even more guilty.  Not only was I washing my laundry incorrectly, but I also missed out on time with my children, and I’m supposed to be cherishing each of those moments.

Goodness gracious.

So this year, this new year, this new start, I am making no lists.  I am not trying to be more, or better, or stronger, or healthier, or more zen.  I am going to just be.  I’m going to be me, that’s it, and that’s plenty.  I’m going to stop spending all the moments evaluating how to make them better moments, and just be in the moment.  And when I stress out about the big and small things, it will be okay, I can move on.  I will give myself grace, love, kindness and forgiveness.  Does that count as a resolution?  Not doing all the things?

This year, no more lists about how to do things right.  I will save my list making and reading for the grocery store and for errand running.  I don’t need the rest of them.

One thought on “My unbiased list of things I think you should do this year

  1. I’m with you, sister! Every time I see one of those “8 things that will make your marriage better” or “4 things you should be doing as a wife” I get a pang of anxiety just thinking about all the things I’m probably doing wrong according to those lists. Preach!

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