I was tired so we made a cake

Usually my crankiness can be tied to two things, amount of sleep and amount of food.  Yesterday morning I was both tired and hungry.  I was not loving and kind.

So I decided to bake a cakeIMG_8743.JPG.  I love baking.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I pull something I made out of the oven.  I love the way the house smells as said item bakes.  I love watching my older girls sit in front of the oven to watch the creation cook.

Baking is something we do as a family.  It takes about three times longer than cooking alone. It is about five times messier to cook with kids.  It’s also a lot more enjoyable.  Dumping flour into a bowl is actually fun for my girls.  For me, I don’t even attach much thought to the action.  Watching how excited they get about the ingredients makes me more excited.  This is a recipe for a happier family (does that count as a pun? I hate puns).

So anyway, we made a cake.  It was delicious.  We made frosting.  This was also delicious.

Sometimes, I need to be a grown up and be kind even when I want yell.  Sometimes I need to do something fun and include my children, even when I want to climb back in bed.  Sometimes I need to teach my girls basic life skills, even though it takes longer and and messier.  Most of the time, everyone is happier because of these things.


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