$25 off $25 makeup purchase

So I am trying to buy fewer but more high quality items.

This includes transitioning to “adult” makeup and skin care stuff too, because I’ve actually noticed a difference when I don’t use $1 eyeliner. Crazy, right?  Unfortunately, I am not a fan of spending $50 on an eyeshadow.

I am a big fan of BeautyKind.  They sell high end makeup and prices seem to be about the same as Sephora.  Right now you can get $25 off your first $25+ order.  Shipping is $5.99, or free if you spend $50 (before the promo code).

It’s my referral link, so free beauty stuff for everyone.

Guys, here’s your on a budget idea for Valentines gifts, but maybe go with lotions, masks, etc instead of trying to pick out makeup for someone else.  “Hello love of my life, here’s bright blue lipstick? And also, I love you just the way you are?”

2 thoughts on “$25 off $25 makeup purchase

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