Hazelfam Update

Here’s the latest family update

Steve is traveling until the end of the month, so my dad flew out for the week to help out.  It was wonderful to have extra hands to hold babies. And also someone who doesn’t yell at me because the banana didn’t have the right sticker. To clarify- the children do that, not my husband.

Baby girl is 10 months old, crawling everywhere and has 5 teeth.  Two of those teeth busted through in the last 4 days.  She is much happier now and sleeping again.  With our oldest child, crawling was so exciting.  With the third, it’s terrifying. Her ability to find EVERYTHING on the floor and try to eat it, it’s impressive.  She has so little regard for keeping herself alive.

Kaia turns 3 next week.  We are getting her a dollhouse and it’s going to be awesome.  While she is sweet, loving and kind….there’s also a crazy switch that flips when kids turn 3 (freaking out two year olds have nothing on three year olds).  Hers is already on.  What can I say…my kids are advanced.

Eden and Kaia both start gymnastics and dance next week. They have been wearing leotards and tutus for days in preparation.  We also watched a few olympic gymnastics routines, because my kids are going places people, and they need to see their future competition.  (This is sarcasm, it’s cool if my kids don’t win the gold).

Things are good on the old hazelfarm.  It’s not so much a farm now, with just 6 chickens, but the name will stay.  I still get my daily egg on the chair outside the front door.  It’s a wonderful delivery service.

I have been reading a lot this week.  I finished The Alchemist yesterday and am halfway through Just Mercy and Raising You Spirited Child (the title is something similar to that).

All you Making a Murderer People- read Just Mercy.  It’s about Bryan Stevenson and how he started the Equal Justice Initiative- which was a legal practice that defended, “the poor, the wrongly condemned, and those trapped in the furthest reaches of our criminal justice system” (copied from the back of the book).  It’s following the story of a guy on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.  There are so many stories about people on death row, stories from my lifetime, and it’s terrifying that these things happened not that long ago.  There are so many moments where I am yelling (in my head) at the people.  And it’s a true story.  And it’s insane.  I can’t even handle it. Go buy it, it’s $10 Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.  I’m doing a terrible job explaining how awesome it is.  Meh.

So there’s a short summery of the week. You’re welcome.





One thought on “Hazelfam Update

  1. Just Mercy was, by far, the best book I read in 2015. Thought provoking, disturbing, all the things, and it has lingered in my mind. The fact that you can manage three cuties, have your man out of town FOR A MONTH, and read a game changer like Just Mercy at the same time blows my mind. All the high fives for you, Rachel! Must be the egg delivery. 😉

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