Daily conversations 


Sometimes I think about the new types of conversations I have every day now that I don’t work in an office.

Here are some normal conversations in my life now

Me- Okay, Kk you still need pants

K-I don’t know how to wear pants

Me-Interesting, you have tried on at least three different pairs today 

K- It’s too hard 

I get it, life is better without pants
Then there’s this-

Me- Go climb in the car while I grab the snack bag

*I go outside and the kids are standing on the porch

Me-What are you doing?

E- It was too far

Me-It’s like ten steps

E-Yeah we were too scared 

Me-Of what 

E-There was a fly 

Me- what?

Got it..glad we aren’t overeacting
This one occurred in the car. K was singing loudly while E was planning every detail of her birthday party. 

As Eden and I were talking- K was shouting “Maaaaade the children laugh and play” on repeat in the background.  Just that one line from Mary had a little lamb…over and over again. 

E- Mommy I am going to wear the splatter paint dress on my birthday.

Me- that sounds lovely

K-maaaaaaaaade the children laugh and play

E- Do I get to choose what everyone wears to my party? 

K-maaaaaaaaade the children laugh and play

Me- What? No, you get to choose for your body, and they get to choose for their bodies 

E- Oh…What if I don’t like what they are wearing? 

K- Teeeeeeeeacher looooocked the lamb at school

Me- sometimes that happens, but, everyone gets to make their own choices for their bodies, even though it’s your birthday 

E- hmmm…ok

K- Teeeeeeeeacher looooocked the lamb at school

*k sings the new line for several minutes before I realize what she’s saying

Me- Kk are you saying the teacher locked the lamb at school??

K- Yes 

Me- What? I’m quite certain that’s not the song 

K- *pauses for a moment “Teeeeeeeeacher looooocked the lamb at school”

Just another day. 

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