Big feelings

In our house, we talk a lot about feelings. I think it’s important to recognize all feelings as valid.  

Today is full of overwhelming feelings for all the big people I know. Whether you are angry or excited, thrilled or terrified, your feelings are real and valid and allowed.

I tell my children to let their emotions wash over them. Today I am doing the same for me. 

I’ve read a lot of posts full of fear and anger. I’ve read others about the importance of coming together. Lots of questions are getting asked about what happens now. My best friend wrote a kind note to a neighbor this morning, someone who is scared about the future because of her ethnicity. Let’s do more of that.  

Everyone is scared. Scared that “they” will take our guns. Scared that “they” will shoot our kids. Scared that “they” will take our jobs. Scared that “they” will kick us out. Scared that “they” will take our rights. Scared because of “them”. 

Who is your “they”? Who are you afraid of? 

Maybe you aren’t ready to go be friends with someone who scares you. Maybe you aren’t ready to admit that you might be a little sexist, racist, ageist or some other “ist”.  

Find someone else who is scared. Write them a note. Give them a hug. Buy them a coffee. 

And please remember- if you aren’t kind online, you aren’t kind. 

We are all scared of something.  

We don’t have to let fear win.  

2 thoughts on “Big feelings

  1. I cant say I was prepared for the outcome we got. I was a bit surprised, like so many. But I was expecting to feel like a loser either way really. And I do.

    I am pleased that blessed words lending themselves to reconciliation are coming out of both the winner and the loser. This is the best part of the election and the last 2 years really. Calming, soothing, congratulating words going both ways from those who stood to lose the most. Wish they had done this all along. I think we would all be in a better place.

    I hope the words prove genuine. It is worth the risk to give them a chance. And pray.

    Thanx for the post.


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