And now she is 4

Kaia turned 4 this weekend!

I thought about writing a poetic post about watching her grow over the last 4 years.  I thought about writing about how wonderful she is, while listing things I love about her, but it didn’t quite feel right either.  I am still trying to figure out which stories are mine to tell, and which belong to the other people in my life since they so closely intersect at this point in time.

Ultimately, I decided to write about the night before and morning of our celebration and share a few photos.

This year, we let Eden join in the pre-birthday decorating and she had so much fun.  She decorated a special birthday chair for Kaia to sit in all day and made her beautiful cards.

Steve made some awesome birthday chalk art with a few of her current favorite interests- butterflies, snow, bikes, books, flowers and her ski goggles.  The only thing missing was Sofia the First.

When Kaia woke up, I had a birthday basket and blankets set aside so she and I could enjoy a little quiet before running out into the chaos of sisters on a birthday.  She wakes up slowly and it was nice to spend time with her, reading a birthday story and looking through photos of her over the last 4 years.  Once she had on her crown, “elsa” cape, and was more awake, we headed out to the kitchen for breakfast cake and gifts.


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