Gettin crafty

We had a crafty week last week.  We have an amazing library nearby and found a book full of stuffed animal patterns.

Kaia picked out a unicorn to make.  She picked out the fabric, buttons and ribbon and then she helped sew it and stuff it.

Here’s the finished product!


Eden wanted to make a swaddle baby so we traced a small bowl for the head and my water bottle for the body shape.  Next time I’ll double the body width so it’s more cuddly, but she loves it.  She sewed most of the body herself and did all the tracing and cutting.


I had a huge bag of embroidery floss and Eden has been wanting to work on her braiding, so we all made friendship bracelets.


It’s cold outside and I am not so much a winter person. I try to tell myself that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing for the day”…I think I will still continue my hibernation until spring is here and continue to craft and bake.

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