I turned off my phone.

I closed my laptop.

I spent a week unplugged.  

I was checking Instagram 10 times a day.

I was getting angry about Facebook arguments all the time. 

It was too much for me. 

This page keeps growing. As it grows, I get a lot of opinions about my own opinions. When I am overwhelmed, I shut down.  

I needed to think.  
If I continue to write my heart, more people will have their own thoughts about it. Can I handle the mean spirited, unkind things people say about me? Do I want to? 
Yes, I think. Writing is my exhale. Growing isn’t a bad thing. It’s scary for me, but I think it’s good. With growth, comes trolls, that’s just kind of how it goes.  
I’m back online now, but less. I log on over naptime and at night.  

I have small children with ten thousand opinions about everything. While I’m with them, I don’t have the ability to process other people’s opinions, nor do I really want to.  

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