Like if you agree

Apparently some people are outraged.

 I know, I was surprised too.  
A thing happened and a whole mess of people freaked out. 

The thing is probably only a big deal to like 2% of the population at best, but they are a vocal group.

When everyone has access to a megaphone, the craziest and loudest stand out.  

They get retweeted, reblogged, and/or read the most. 

I don’t totally understand this, why we love crazy so much. Maybe it makes us feel better when someone else is obviously more “out there”.  

“I might be a mess but oh man, at least I’m not…”

Someone logged into my Facebook page from Taiwan, so that was weird, and it brought my page back online. I went through my newsfeed for about 30 seconds and realized that 90% of the posts were one of two things. 

1- “RESPOND TO THIS (by clicking, reading, liking, following, or purchasing) ”


2- “Live a life you don’t need a vacation from (or other inspirational meme reminiscent of college aol instant messenger profiles) 

So basically it’s a bunch of people telling other people what they should do. 

I’m outraged.  
Like if you agree. 
(That was sarcasm)

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