Balancing kids and cleaning 

“Excuse the mess, we are making memories”

“What’s wrong with having a clean house?”

“Will my kids remember that beds were made and dishes done, or will they remember playing on the floor with their mom”

“I can play with my kids and also keep a clean house” 

I have never ever seen a man write anything about how he “balances cleaning and parenting”. Not once. 
Why is this something that only 50% of the population seems to be concerned about? 
Do men care less about cleanliness and/or parenting? 

As the homemaker in the family, I do feel like it’s my job to find a balance between focusing on the physical structural home as well as its inhabitants. This isn’t a new issue specific to our current day cluttered lives. 

Biblically, you have Mary and Martha who showed the two sides of being with other people. When do you to meet physical needs like providing food and drinks and when do you sit and listen? 
 I understand that this is a real thing to wonder about. 

What I do not understand is why it seems to be a woman’s job to determine that balance. 
Maybe it’s because more homemakers are women? Maybe… but this is something that many women who work outside the home also spend a lot of time discussing. 

Men are not writing articles and blogs or spending their free time debating the exact level of organization that leads to the optimal balance between engagement with their offspring and dusting.  

Obviously, each person has their own cleanliness expectations. It’s not always women who want the home to be “just so”. If men also happen to like being clean while living in a clean environment, they manage to be quite free from guilt about their cleanliness and child rearing balance.  

2 thoughts on “Balancing kids and cleaning 

  1. I am a man who is the cleaner at Fat Beggars’ Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners… aka our house…

    I totally feel ya!

    I also have never read a man write about balancing cleaning with parenting. I really would like to, though. But I did write about it a few months ago when I got a crash course in the subject matter! I invite you to check it out… Find it here:

    My hats off to ya. And I type this while feeding an 8 month old on my lap. Please pardon any errors in it. I have been typing for 5 minutes now…

    Agent X

  2. I have been meandering into minimalism and have consequently read a LOT of blog posts about the mental health consequences of clutter. Apparently clutter affects the cortisol levels of women but doesn’t really touch men!

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